Still to Come

As this blog has just began recently, there are many ideas and possibilities to expand. However, it is vital that the blog has contents which the readers will benefit from and therefore this the place where the readers can suggest and put forward ideas for the future.

Who Am I? / Quiz Section:

Currently, on my Simply Islam blog there are a few quizzes regarding Salaah. Over the year I have come to realise that quizzes are quite beneficial and help a person to test their knowledge as well as realise how much knowledge they are lacking.

Insha Allah, I am hoping that in the near future we can implement some sort of quiz on this blog and achieve the same purpose.

Links Section: 

I believe there is never enough sites that can have a links section and guide people towards sites which are correct and ‘safe’ to read.

Insha Allah I will be making a page linking other sites and blogs which have authentic Islamic information.


2 thoughts on “Still to Come”

  1. salam
    how about an aqidah section? as in one aqidah text, commentary or explanations w/e could import some of your old posts…its just annoying having to sift through all of them…looking searching….?



  2. As Salaamu Alaykum,

    Insha Allah I will be creating a “Aqeedah” category and add it to the site index. This will allow the readers to view all the posts in that categeroy, and as you mentioned allow easier access to the posts.

    Jazakallah for the idea. May Allah reward you.



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