Today I spent some time with the family out of Leicester. We spent the day shopping and then in the evening ate at a restaurant. The restaurant was quite busy and had a system where as you enter their is a seating area, everyone is required to wait there until you are attended to and are taken to your table.

As you can imagine, in busier times the wait is longer until you are shown to your table and at other times the wait is minimal. Fortunately, an early dinner meant we were escorted to a table very quickly. The waiters had just finished cleaning one table and had us seated.

We ordered our food and thereafter got ready to leave. The waiter came to our table, clearing all the dishes and at the same time cleaning the table. At this point the family was gathering their belongings and I made my way to the waiting area all ready to leave.

At this point, and nothing out of the ordinary, another family came into the restaurant and were being escorted to the same place we were seated.

Although this is so obvious and straight forward, it is quite an interesting concept when once concentrates on the bigger picture. We all know of these systems and services; once we have finished using a service another person comes and uses the same facilities.


The point here is the reality of life in comparison to the services we use and share in everyday life.

During my meal I had this notion that the table ‘belonged’ to me. I was sat there with my family and no one else would intrude or join us at the table, it belonged to us.

At the same time, it was quite interesting to see that as soon as we got up from the chairs, someone else was allocated that place, right in front of our eyes.

A few minutes before this we had really settled down around this table, sharing a meal, having a conversation and having our possessions placed where we wanted and how we wanted on the table.

The same reality is of life, except the we fail to see the bigger picture. Our life is like the short period in which we have been given a table, a platform, what we do in those selected moment is ours and belongs to us. But the reality is that this is just a service, a means. As soon as we are finished from this service another comes in our place.

The world is the same, we have  short life which we live. We eat, drink and use the services of this world as a means for the Hereafter. As soon as we are lifted from our life it is replaced by another life in this world and someone else takes over. Life carries on.

What is the most important aspect is what we did during our time in this world.

Whilst at the table, we had conversations, we talked, joked, laughed and enjoyed ourselves. But at the same time, and most importantly, we ate. Why? Because that was the true purpose of our visit, nourishment. We would need to eat to ensure that when we returned to our home we wouldn’t be hungry.

Our life in this world is the same, we can joke, play, have conversations and enjoy. But, most importantly, we need to take our fair share of provisions for our real ‘home’. When we get ‘home’ it will be foolish if we did everything else apart from the task that we were really supposed to.

Out true home is the Hereafter. Our true task is the worship of Allah سبحانه و تعالى and whilst we can do many things during our temporary visit we can never lose true focus or our purpose in life.

May Allah سبحانه و تعالى grant us all the ability to realise our true destination and our purpose in this world. May He give us the inclination to focus on that which is important. Aameen.