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Maulana Ayub Hajat Sahib was one of my earlier teachers who taught me whilst the ‘Alimiyyah course was still operating on a part-time basis.

He was an expert in the Arabic language and was our teacher of grammar and modern Arabic for a short period of time.

Even the short amount of time spent in the class of Maulana Ayub Sahib was sufficient to conclude that he had mastered the Arabic language. He was able to speak and write Arabic fluently, both traditional and modern.

However, a quality I found in Maulana Ayub Sahib, to an extent which I have not seen in any other teacher, was that he had a quick mind and a splendid gift of repartee; he was spontaneous in his responses to any comment made by students.

It is a quality that I cannot explain but was honoured to experience and witness. There was never a time where Maulana Ayub Sahib was left short of words or didn’t have a reply that would make one speechless.

His methods of teacher were different from those of other teachers and he made a great effort in ensuring that students understood the entire concept of his lesson and that continuous practice was done within the classroom.

He had a very friendly and approachable character but at the same time a student would think twice before saying something, less it was out of tune or incorrect. This is one of the of the greatest lessons I took from him which was not officially a part of his teaching. I always found myself thinking about what I was going to say or ask instead of just saying it without a thought. A quality which Islam encourages and teaches.

May Allah reward him abundantly for all his efforts and grant him a high rank in both the worlds. Aameen.