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During a recent ‘spring’ cleaning of my room I was required to move all my gadgets and technological equipment to give a good clean behind all the devices.

It was a lengthy task which took a good part of two days along with my usual commitments and activities. Nevertheless, I was extremely pleased once the task of cleaning was completed.

All that remained now was the putting everything back, just the way it was; which was a task on its own. I began positively, connecting each wire to its peripheral and attaching the power cable, one to the device and the other to the power supply.

Once I completed this task, I pressed the power button on my PC and heard a small whining noise. I looked at the front of the PC to find some flickering lights and immediately assumed that one of the cables must be loose or disconnected. I rechecked all the wires and maven several attempts to power on my PC; but to no avail, there was no power going through, to the extent that no flickering lights were even visible.


Within our daily lives, we see many examples, if we give some thought to them, of incidents which teach us lessons in regards to our Religion, our Creator and of the Hereafter.

When I couldn’t power up my PC I felt a sense of loss and sorrow. My Pc was one of the devices that remained constantly switched on and I would use it on a daily basis for my work.

Having realised that the Power Supply Unit had failed it made me think, ‘here is my entire PC, everything intact and working. Yet the loss of one component has deemed my PC useless. Without the power unit all the other components and parts are lifeless and of no use’

This made me think about our actions that we carry out daily. If they are not for the sake of Allah and with the correct intentions then are deemed useless and of no benefit. Any action done for anyone apart from Allah is void of spiritual power and therefore does not serve is any benefit.

Our actions could be correct, our methods and results could also be correct, but without the power source, being the correct intention, all our efforts are lifeless.

It made me realise that such a small component, which is easily overlooked, can be so important and valuable; so much so, that other components are useless without it.

May Allah سبحانه و تعللى grant us all the understanding of doing righteous deeds for His sake; and may He save us from the ploy of Shaytaan who allows us to do good deeds but deems them useless by contaminating our intentions. Aameen.