Having quoted one of my Asatidha from my Darul Uloom within my post, I realised that I had not yet written a short biography of my Ustad, Maulana Shabir Pirmahomed Sahib, and my experience of being his student.

Maulana Shabir Sahib was one of the first teachers to commence teahing the ‘Aalimiyah course when it began as a part time study. He, along with Maulana Imran Sahib, had a large number of students who they began teaching the basic Arabic grammar during the evening Maktab.

At this time, it was imperative that the students were not only taught the knowledge but there was, at the same time, a great effort and emphasis on making the students understand the importance of Islamic knowledge whilst creating the zeal within them.

Whilst I was originally in Maulana Imran Sahib‘s class, many of my colleagues, who later on merged into our class, were in the class of Maulana Shabir Sahib.

I became a student of Maulana Shabir Sahib even whilst in the ‘part time’ ‘Alim class where I remember him teaching us Akhlaq and Adaab (manners and etiquettes), not through a book, but more importantly, through testing our level of commitment, patience and respect.

Maulana Shabir Sahib was always a teacher who would joke with us and talk to us freely. He would always show his love and affection towards the student; but at the same time he would also test our level of respect for him as a teacher and the knowledge that we were seeking from him.

There were many occasions when he would test us by making a joke or stating something in regards to us; it is only now that I realise that his tests were not to humiliate or degrade us but to teach us respect, self control and discipline.

There are many teachers who teach the book and the subject; but there is no dispute in the fact that being an ‘Alim or a community leader is far more than having read a few books and having acquired some knowledge; it is as much about discipline, ettiquettes and principles.

As the years passed by the ‘part time’ ‘Alim class flourised into the Darul Uloom. We had Maulana Shabir Sahib as our teacher for mainly Fiqh. It is, even today, his favourite subject and he taught it with great passion whilst explaining the very minute details of all the Masails (rulings).

During my days of Darul Uloom, and after graduating, I became very close to Maulana Shabir Sahib. I found in him an example of a great scholar who remains under the radar yet provides a great level of dedication to his students and the Darul Uloom.

I find an example of a great man who, despite his vast knowledge, always has time to listen to his students about any problems they may be having and at the same time offer advice suitable and applicable to the person.

With his vast experience of travel and business, Maulana Shabir Sahib would always bring a great level of discussion within the class and would always apply Fiqh rulings of Business to real life scenarios.

When I realised that I had missed out the biography of Maulana Shabir Sahib I was a bit perplexed as to what I would write and what details I would leave out; for all his contributions within and out of class has helped shape me as an individual.

Despite not having seen him for some time it is very easy to approach Maulana Shabir Sahib and have a conversation with him; a scholar who is approachable and whose affection and caring nature is very transparent.

May Allah increase him in his piety and decrease him in all the problems of this world and the hereafter. Aameen