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The days of Darul Uloom will always be missed as they were the days which were spent in the honoured company of my many teachers. From their oceans of knowledge I post a few drops on my blog to serve as a reminder to me, and those who read, of the wealth of knowledge that one can attain by just being in the company of the pious.

However, at times we can overlook the wealth of knowledge that we can acquire from people who keep the company of such pious and knowledgeable people, namely students.

It is one such incident that made me realise this.

One of the students quoted my teacher, Maulana Shabir Sahib, on giving an example of this world and comparing its likeness to that of the board game Monopoly.

My esteemed teacher was explaining that the likeness of this world is like that of a game of Monopoly. We have many players who all buy and sell property as a means of income and expenditure. Our life in this world is the same; we have our many activities which we carry out in this world, some which allow us to earn money whilst others costing us money.

However, at the end of the day, we have to wrap up the game and put away all the pieces and return back to the ‘real’ world. This is exactly what this world is, a ‘temporary’ game which will come to an end sooner or later. Whilst the Hereafter is our true world.

Just as we would look foolish by taking Monopoly money into a shop in this world, similarly the currency of the Hereafter is not Pounds and Dollars. It would be foolish to assume this and not prepare for the ‘real’ world with the correct currency, good deeds.

May Allah give is all the understanding and ability to prepare for the Hereafter with a currency that will be accepted. Aameen.