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Whilst reading, I came across a very interesting analogy outlining the misconceptions one may have without even realising. The incident I read is mentioned below in my own words:

There was once a blind man who went to visit his friend on the outskirts of town during the day. He stayed at his friend’s house for a considerable amount of time. As he began to leave, his friend suggested that he take a lantern along with him to ensure the path to his house remains visible. The blind man laughed at this absurd suggestion and hastened to remind his friend that he was blind and that the light of day and the darkness of night were the same for him.

But still the friend insisted and explained that he may not find the light of any use, however it may be of some use to him as it would allow the onlooker to see him coming. Hearing this reasoning, the blind man took the lantern and started to head off home.

Whilst walking through a dark path another traveller bumped into the blind man. The traveller retorted and said, “are you blind? Can’t you see?” To this the blind man replied, “actually I am blind! But what is your excuse? Can’t you see the light of the lantern which I am holding in my hand?”

At this point the traveller told him, “Indeed you are blind my friend, for the lantern you carrying has lost its fuel some time back and there is no light from your lantern!”

This incident is one that can make us ponder and think about man matters and aspects of life and out attitude towards them. We sometimes walk in our daily lives with a false sense of arrogance and misguided knowledge. Whilst the truth is that we have nothing to be proud and arrogant about; our arrogance is false and we are, many a times, in the wrong.


We should always remain humble and assess our beliefs and assumptions. Whilst keeping this in mind, we should refrain from being too arrogant to listen to others and take their advice. For we may be like the blind man who has a certain belief and assumption, yet the truth is very far from it; and for this truth to come to light we need someone to guide us.

In life, we should always remember that there is someone above us who is more experienced and knowledgeable. If we hold steadfast to this belief then we will be humble towards others and gain much benefit, knowledge and insight.