Over the years, I have, on several occasions, written in regards to the month of Ramadhan. I have mentioned the purpose of Ramadhan, its preparation, the worship and efforts within this month and the rewards that one receives. In the same manner the life and practices of an individual after the month of Ramadhan have been discussd along with other topics.

Over the past years I have been inclined to write again on the topic of Ramadhan as it is a very auspicious and rewarding month. However, i felt detered due to having discussed the topic to some extent and believing that it is better to spend this month engaging one’s self in worship and action.

Despite this, I felt that there is still need to discuss the month as a reminder to myself and those reading the true focus and aim of this month. I pray that whilst writing this post it will serve as a reminder to me and ensure that I have ticked my ‘checklist’ to ensure I am not devoid from the blessings of this month.

The final hours of Ramadhan are now approaching; it is a month where the first ten days are that of mercy, the following ten are of forgiveness and the final days bring with it freedom from the fire of Hell. However, this month places focus on an individual’s spiritual rectification and cleansing. It is a month that aims to divert the attention of the servant towards the Lord and change the focus from the world to the Hereafter. Whilst doing so, the aim is not to pass one month in total servitude to Allah but moreover it is a month of transformation to remain steadfast and aware of the presence and being of Allah throughout the remaining months to come. It is a month that cleanses and purifies the heart to allow the remembrance of Allah and his messenger to settle within it.

As the month comes to an end it is vital for us to assess our actions and effort in this month not only to perform good deeds and reap rewards., but moreover, our efforts to transform and better ourselves for the months to come.

The question should not be how much change did I bring into me during the month of Ramadhan but instead how much of a better Muslim and individual will I become after this month. The question should not be restricted to how much did I fast and pray but how much will I continue to worship and be obedient to Allah.

The month of Ramadhan is sacred and obligates certain actions and activities upon us with greater emphasis. The aim of the month is to exercise and practice self control from those things which are Haraam; and in order to do this as a ‘booster course’ we are made to refrain from those things which are Halaal otherwise.

Therefore, our aim should be to monitor and assess the self control we have acquired in this month of Ramadhan. It is not too late for those who have failed to do as much as they would have liked to during this month. For what is truly required is a firm resolution to do good and be a better individual even after the month has come to an end. With the remaining days of this blessed month we are able to gain the blessings within and ensure that Allah blesses us with His mercy.

It is for this reason that the mercy of Allah is placed at the beginning of this month to give us the support we need to do good in this month, whilst the following days bring His forgiveness to ensure that we start a clean ‘slate’. However, freedom from the fire of Hell can only be acquired when a person remains steadfast upon the Deen and therefore will acquire Jannah. Therefore, the freedom from the fire of Hell granted in this month is the certification from Allah saying that our efforts have been accepted and we will become better people during the months to come.

This is a one month course which needs to be repeated every year to ensure we remain focused and steadfast for the remainder of our life.

May Allah grant us all the inclination, ability and strength to achieve the true purpose of Ramadhan within this month. May He grant us many more blessed months of Ramadhan within which we can better ourselves and acquire His pleasure and closeness. Aameen.

ps. Du’as are requested in the final days of this month from all readers.