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A while back my daughter had decided to put her ‘well done’ sticker up her nose. It has been her new found habit for the past couple of weeks which has left us running around her ensuring that she’s not putting anything up there which she is not supposed to (which is literally everything). As always, despite our best efforts she managed to sneak up a sticker which she received at her playgroup.

Well, at first we thought it’s not a major issue, we’ll just pull it out like we have the strips of tissue and other stuff we’ve hunted in there. But this time was different, this time it wasn’t coming out as she had really decided to put it all the way in.

So off it was to the emergency walk in centre and to cut a really horrible day short; she got admitted into hospital overnight to have it removed in an operating theatre under a ‘controlled’ environment.

Those hours, or should i say seconds, were the most daunting moments that I can remember. The concept of general anaesthesia. the operation, the side-effects, the cry for a sip of water, the hours of going hungry, as well as those questioning eyes when we stood there helpless, as bystanders, when she was screaming during her blood tests and insertion of the intravenous needle.

It was terryfying yet it made me think about the whole concept of being merciful and wanting good for those we love.

We see many a times that there are many questions ignorantly raised by us regarding God and how he can allow crueltly, the infamous ‘why us’ question that slips out of our mouth in those dire moments.

Yet, we fail to realise, like my daughter probably did, that due to our lack of knowledge, understanding and wisdom we cannot see the benefits and reasoning behind the suffering. If the mercy and love of a parent for their child is such that they feel the pain of a needle inserted in their child we cannot even fathom the mercy, love and care of Allah for His servents and creation.

We have been told that the mercy of a mother for her child is just one percent of mercy that has been distrubuted in this entire world. The remaining of which is with Allah. Yet we fail to understand and comprehend this, especially in our dire times.


We should always aim to remember that whatever the situation and whatever the pain we experience it is the will of Allah through which we can acquire a greater rank, forgiveness and salvation. If we remain patient during these trials and tribulations and keep the rememberance of Allah a must, especially during these times, then our hardships will decrease in its impact and intesity. This is the promise of Allah when he says ‘Indeed through the rememberance of Allah the hearts find peace’

May Allah make all our difficulties easy and may He give us the strength to accept his decree whilst giving us the inclination to seek and supplicate from Him that which is good and easy upon our souls and beings; for He is Almighty and it is His mercy, love and care as we are merely His servants, weak in all aspects. Aameen.