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تهے جو اپني برائي سے بے خبر
رہے اوروں کے ڈهوندتے عيب و ہنر
پڑي اپني برائوں پر جو نظر
تو نگاه ميں كوئي برا نہ رہا

“Those who were unaware of their own faults,
they continued to search for the faults and defects of others.

When their glance fell upon their own faults
then no one remained a bad person in their sight.”

The above piece of poetry outlines a matter that our current society can benefit from. We tend to search and pry into the lives of others looking for faults and shortcomings of others and whilst doing so forget, maybe deliberately, to concentrate on the betterment of our own being.

This is just another ploy of Shaytaan who turns our attention away from getting close to Allah سبحانه و تعالى and in return makes us accumulate sins by looking down upon others.

Had we concentrated on our own shortcomings, as was the practice of the saints, then we would understand that the greatest shortcomings lie within our selves.

This should be the case of each individual; concentrate on our self and we will become aware of our shortcomings, take away the attitude of finding faults in others and we will only be aware of our shortcomings.