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Whilst having some salad during dinner, I remembered the time when there was a scare in the UK in regards to the produce of lettuce and cucumbers.

It was believed that particular produce of lettuce and cucumbers were contaminated with a rare form of E.coli causing an illness in those who ate them.

As this was national news, there was a some apprehension and scare within our immediate and extended family regarding the usage of cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes. Therefore, we were salad-less, like many others, during this outbreak until the matter was cleared and resolved.

Even the so-called ‘salad’ that we received during meal times was quite bare and simple. This was to ensure that whatever we did was good for us, even though it be little and less.


This incident made me thing about the fact that we are very cautious to ensure that we remain safeguarded from any forms of contamination, illnesses or diseases that can cause a threat to our health.

We place so much emphasis on this apparent threat yet we become ignorant of the contamination that pollutes and desecrate our good actions and makes our spiritual body ill and diseased.

Contaminations such as back-biting, jealousy, hatred, malice, lying, spreading rumours, tale-telling and spying are just a few to name. These diseases destroy our good deeds without us even realising; and therefore we continue to do good which overt time diminishes.

In the same manner, when we fear contamination it is vital to place more effort on avoiding the impurity rather than placing effort on doing good. As in the example of a person fills water in a bucket which contains a hole, it is vital for him to pay more attention towards repairing the hole than in filling water.

Therefore, we should all make an attempt to reduce those things which create filth within our hearts and affect our spirituality and whilst doing so we should ensure that our primary concentration is spent on avoiding such impurities and thereafter any good we do, be it little, will be beneficial in strengthening the spiritual being.

May Allah give us all the understanding of strengthening the spiritual being and may He safeguard us from the filth of sins. Aameen.