At this time of the year it is common to see people getting the ‘cold’ and having a ‘flu’. Usually, we are already mentally prepared for this and also physically prepared in a sense of having a flu jab or dressing up warm and ensuring we keep germs at bay.

So far, the physical and mental preparation has worked and there were no ‘major’ signs of the flu or cold in the family. However, we decided to travel to London for an outing and to visit family.

When we reached everything was fine. However, at night it all started…

To cut a long, ‘painful’ story short… I had a severe headache and a cold which kept me up all night. Whilst the kids both caught the ‘bug’ that seems to be going around. They’ve been vomiting all day and feeling quite poorly.

Off to the doctors…


Its nothing special is it, we all become caught up with various illnesses, bugs and infections throughout the year. Some, unfortunatelty, are inflicted with more severe illnesses.

Where this relates to the physical aspect of the human body, as individuals, we need to ponder over the spiritual body that is not apparent and visible to the naked eye.

The spiritual body of an individual suffers in a similar manner as the physical body. It catches ‘infections’ and becomes ill. At this point in time we should be able to feel the weakness within ourselves. We should be able to sense the vulnerability of our spiritual body and the threat it poses to allow further illnesses to attac the spiritual body and soul.

These infections are due to the sins we commit, at times it is due to the change of the change in atmosphere; our soul is very sensitive and if we nurture it correctly, it will sense the change in atmosphere and react to the negative surroundings.

We need to ensure we take the correct ‘medicine’ for our ailments. At times a simple pain killer or cough syrup can do magic for our physical bodies. At times, a doctor is required. In the same manner, at times sincere repentance can heal the spiritual body but at times a spiritual doctor is required.

May Allah give us all the inclination to look after our spiritual body as well as our physical body. Aameen.