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زاد راه – Zaad-e-Raah is a book written in the Urdu medium with Arabic Ahadeeth. Literally, the title means ‘provisions for a journey’.

Short Summary:

This world is not our final abode, every person who enters this world is a traveller and is upon a journey; like any journey a traveller is required to take provisions
for the trip so that he can reach his destination safely and comfortably. Furthermore, each traveller needs to take provisions for his destination also.

In the same manner, each person is a traveller and his abode and destination is the Hereafter, Jannah. He is required to take the correct provisions for this journey; and there is no better provisions for the Hereafter than ‘good deeds.’

Maulana Jaleel Ahsan Nadwi, has carefully chosen and selected a handful of beautiful flowers from the garden of Ahadeeth of out beloved Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم. These Ahadeeth are a selection of advices for us for this great journey of ours as well as selected good deeds that will aid as a great provision on this journey.

Rating – Positives and Negatives:

I personally enjoyed this book as it was full of Ahadeeth containing advices and guidance for people of all type. Every person is able to relate to these Ahadeeth and can adopt the advices within into their own lifestyles.

I would give extra credit to that author for providing the اعراب on the Arabic as well as giving a reference for each hadeeth along with its direct narrator.

However, I spotted a few typing errors in the Ahadeeth which only a person who had knowledge of Hadeeth would be able to recognise and acknowledge. This may be the mistake of the printers and possibly a second edition may have corrected text within it.

Overall, it is well worth its weight in gold.

May Allah increase the author in knowledge and bless him with Jannatul Firdaus. Aameen.