During a recent conversation I recalled one of the many sayings of my honourable Shaykh, Hadhrat Maulana Adam Sahib حفظه الله.

During our lessons and during many of his Islahi Duroos (lectures of self-rectification) he would highlight the desires of the human and also the true reality of this world.

The world is like a shadow

Hadhrat, on many occasions, has given the example of the world being like a person’s shadow which is behind him.

Whilst we walk our shadow follows us, wherever we go, whatever we do that shadow continues to remain behind us. If we decided to run, that shadow would, with the same speed, remain with us also.

In the same manner, if we were to turn around and make the shadow in front of us, wherever we would walk it would remain in front of us, away from our reach. The shadow remains at the same distance away from us; if we run in order to obtain it, the shadow will also move away from us at the same speed.

Hadhrat explains the shadow as being the example of the world; if we run away from it then it will follow us and try to catch up with us but if we were to try and acquire it and attain it then we will forever be in efforts of obtaining it for it will run away from us.

Hadhrat also explained that this is specially the case for the ‘Ulamaa as it has been clearly seen in their lives that the world has been brought to their feet while their aim has been to seclude themselves from the world.

The boat in the see like the love for the world

On many occasions Hadhrat has also mentioned the example of the love of this world and its true place within the life of a person.

As long as the water remains outside the boat then its passengers and the boat remain saved. In actual fact, it helps and aids the boat to reach its destination. However, if that same boat was to enter the boat then it would destroy the boat by sinking it.

The example of the world is the same, as long as it remains outside the heart then the person remains safe. In actual fact, the world is a means for a man’s success in the hereafter. However, if the love of the world enters the heart then it destroys the person’s life in this world and the Hereafter.

May Allah سبحانه و تعالى give us all the guidance and understanding on His religion so that we are able to make the Hereafter our primary aim and the world a measns to acquire this. Aameen.