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Another episode which my Hadhrat chose to mention during his talk on the 15th of Sha’ban is the one that follows. As mentioned previously, Hadhrat mentioned the reality of the 15th night of Sha’ban by stressing the importance of forgiveness and its power to convert a sinner into the friend of Allah within a blink of an eyelid.

The following incident is an indication of Allah’s love and mercy and how His slaves and creation should turn to Him at all times.

Hafidh ibn al-Qayyim رحمه الله is a great scholar whom many great Muffasir and Muhaddith quote and refer too.

He states that once I was going past a village when I saw a child being thrown out the house by his mother and he was being scolded at and receiving a good beaten. The scholars have even mentioned that this boy was the age of eight or nine. The mother threw the child out and closed the door on him telling him not to return. Hafidh Ibn Qayyim رحمه الله states that when I saw this I felt that I should interfere but then decided to watch what the child decides to do and how the matter continues.

The child remained in the veranda of the house and thereafter he strayed a little down the street and returned back to the house. The child seemed to be tired and therefore he placed his head on the doorstep of the house and fell asleep. After a short time the mother came out to see her son sleeping on the doorstep; she again kicked him and told him to leave and then again closed the door.

Hafidh Ibn Qayyim رحمه الله states that he continued to watch what happens to the child and how the child and mother both respond to the incident that was occurring. After a few moments, the mother once again opened the door to find the child still sitting there. Seeing him the mother asked him, have you not left yet? The child replied, O mother, when you first threw me out I wandered around for a while thinking that what is there at home apart from shelter and food and therefore I realised I could get a good job and fulfil these requirements. I wandered in the streets looking at jobs that I could possibly acquire. However, I could not find the motherhood which I find here neither the love of my mother or her mercy. Hearing this the mother burst into tears and took her son in her arms.

After seeing this incident Hafidh Ibn Qayyim رحمه الله says O you who believe in Allah and the mercy of Allah; that Allah who is so forgiving and so merciful. If you leave His doorstep then you will remain wondering around being pushed around from here to here. Now is the time, hold steadfast to his doorstep by seeking His forgiveness.

This is the reality of the 15th Night of Sha’ban.

May Allah give us all the inclination and strength to hold steadfast to His doorstep and through the medium of a sincere forgiveness. Aameen.