On Friday Hadhrat called all the ‘graduates’ of the Jame’ah to give them some advice.

Amongst some very touching Naseehah (advice) Hadhrat mentioned the following points to us*:

1. Knowledge will only be beneficial to that person who puts his knowledge into action.

2. There should be a unmistakable difference between that person who has acquired knowledge and that person who is deprived from it; the knowledgeable should excel the latter in his character, worship, social behaviour and etiquettes.

3. It is a great Bid’ah (innovation in Religion) to neglect the obligatory commandments of Allah (Fara’idh) whilst aiming to accomplish those acts which are recommended (Nafl).

4. The person who has acquired knowledge is much in need of guidance and reformation. For this it is not essential to seek allegiance with an elder but it is necessary to seek their guidance, advice and attend their gatherings.

5. The knowledgeable is superior over the worshipper in a sense that the worship of a worshipper will be salvation for him alone whilst the knowledge of the learned will be the source of salvation of many. However, knowledge without action is not a form of guidance but one of deviation.

6. The knowledge of each individual should make him constantly aware of Allah’s omnipresence and should therefore compel him to worship Allah without any compromise. The realisation of Allah’s presence is the ultimate aim which is gained through knowledge and supported through worship

7. The ultimate source of a learned man should always be referenced to the Qur’an and Hadith. These are the origins of every ruling and it is through these guiding words that one should mould his life and set his actions.

* please note that these are not the exact words and exact advices; some of it is paraphrasing whilst others are messages of a long discussion.

May Allah give us all the vision to realise that our actions could result to the guidance and misleading of others. May Allah give us the courage to that which is according to the Shari’ah, whether we are regarded as leaders or followers.

May He free us from Pride, a barrier from seeking Knowledge and gaining His proximity. May He give us the love, value and zeal to sit in the company of the pious and benefit from their Knowledge and their spirituality. Aameen.