Yesterday Hadhrat called us into the office to talk to all the ‘graduates’ of the Jame’ah.

Amongst some very touching Naseehah (advice) Hadhrat mentioned the following points to us*:

1. Never think too great of yourselves; if you have pride within yourselves then that pride will act as a barrier not to only seeking further Knowledge but it will distance you from the Knowledge you already feel you have.

2. Never feel belittled by sitting in the company of the pious. Don’t think that the knowledge you have is sufficient and never think that you’re better than the Awaam (general public) because of your knowledge. The Knowledge and Taqwa obtained in the company of the pious can never be achieved from reading and studying books. This is the sole reason that many Awaam have surpassed those who feel they have Knowledge.

3. Never feel that worldly knowledge is superior to Islamic knowledge and never feel that you can refrain from the company of the pious whilst seeking worldly knowledge, even though you may have completed the ‘Alim course. Remember, the worldly knowledge is for the acquiring of wealth for this world to be able to feed yourself whilst the knowledge of the Hereafter is for both the worlds.

4. Always keep a constant check on yourself, especially if you are studying worldly knowledge. It will drown you in such a manner that you will only realise when its too late. Keep in the company of the pious and always seek their advice and opinion.

5. Always seek advice from your elders even if you know the Mas’ala (ruling). You may be able to do Islaah of someone else (give spiritual remedy) but you can never do Islaah of yourself. Ask your elders and ensure that you are doing what is correct according to the Shari’ah and not that which your heart desires.

6. You should always remember that your actions are representative of Islam; whatever you do is being viewed by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. So before do an action or refrain from one, remember that you are firstly being overseen by Allah and then that your actions could affect the thoughts and actions of hundreds of other people.

* please note that these are not the exact words and exact advices; some of it is paraphrasing whilst others are messages of a long discussion.

May Allah give us all the vision to realise that our actions could result to the guidance and misleading of others. May Allah give us the courage to that which is according to the Shari’ah, whether we are regarded as leaders or followers.

May He free us from Pride, a barrier from seeking Knowledge and gaining His proximity. May He give us the love, value and zeal to sit in the company of the pious and benefit from their Knowledge and their spirituality. Aameen.