The moment the word Birthday is mentioned many people become alert and hasty is connecting to the word Haraam. This blog is however not one of rulings but one of my insight and experience from matters in my life.

One of the many widespread activities in our societies include birthdays; a celebration of the day a person was born. If this is in a form of imitation and extravagance then it has been classed as impermissible; yet I believe that we should do whatever good you can with any permissible excuse possible.

Today, being the ‘birthday’ of someone I know feels to me a good enough excuse to remind them of me by remembering them. Though this person is always on my thoughts and my mind, I never have the chance of making them aware.

I pray to Allah that He grants my friend and their beloved a long and prosperous life that is filled with the pleasure and blessings of Allah; a life in which the coming year is better than the preceding in both, relating to the life in this world and that of the Hereafter.

May Allah increase love between you and your spouse and give you children who are the coolness of your eyes and leaders of the Ummah.

May He keep you free from worries and protect you and your family from any physical or mental stress and harm.

I pray that Allah grants you wisdom, knowledge, love, gentleness, patience, gratitude, steadfastness and the ability to remain firm on that which pleases Him.

May Allah keep you far from sorrows and make this life full of happiness for you and your loved ones. Aameen.