My teacher in many areas, mostly in Arabic language and grammar (Nahw & Sarf), is one that I will always thirst to spend more time with and regret not making the moments I spent with him more rewarding.

Maulana Salim Sahib is a teacher that influenced me in many ways, something I realised after graduating. His approach, manner, attitude and unbiased love were characteristics that made him stand out from the crowd. However, he was mostly known to be short tempered, becoming extremely angry and also being very strict, especially in examinations.

One of the many things I recall about Maulana Salim Sahib is that, as opposed to many teachers, he would mark really strictly and would set extremely hard exams.

As a student, this was something I didn’t look forward to and did not appreciate either. It seemed as though our characters were totally opposite and at many times this created a barrier between us.

However, there was great evidence from his teaching and his attention that he held great concern, love and care for his students, especially me.

Through my Madrassah life his lessons were a form of great discipline for me as doing something out of turn would result in displeasing him and angering him.

I never realised his contribution in my life; the way he cared and had a concern; the manner in which he silently contributed to my life and the way I thought.

Even now, many a times, I miss seeing him around, due to having moved away from Leicester; and at times where I feel down and disheartened I always look towards him, his teachings and his the way he touched my life – something that I will treasure eternally.

May Allah increase him in his piety and decrease him in all the problems of this world and the hereafter. Aameen