Hajj Presentation

As the month of Dhul Hijjah is approaching, many people will be intending to perfom one of the five obligations from the pillars of Islam, the obligation of performing Hajj. Many people will have booked their travels in advance and many will be still booking.

However, for many this will be the first time in performing Hajj, and many who have performed Hajj previously may have forgotten the full details of its method of performance.

Therefore, a series of talks and a presentation has been organised to educate every Muslim about the fifth pillar of Islam, Hajj.

These talks and the presentation are not restricted for those who intend to go for Hajj or those who have already booked their flights. In reality, it is an opportunity for every individual Muslim to educate ourselves in regards to one of the obligations that Allah has placed upon  us.

Insha Allah, these series of talks will prove to be immensely beneficial and detailed and will be adequate for each individual to understand the method of Hajj.