Before commencing the book of Arbi Ka Mu’allim, I feel it necessary to explain a few things related to studying the Arabic language. First of all an explanation and introduction is needed to the study of Nahw and Sarf (Arabic grammar and etymology) followed by a list of terminology that the reader will come across time and again during the lessons. Finally, it is also important to make clear the method that I will adopt in writing the lessons as it is not a ‘word-to-word’ or ‘translation’ of the book, Arbi Ka Mu’allim, but is instead a guideline and a supplement of the actual book. Finally, a few points and of advice and learning methods will be mentioned so that maximum benefit can be achieved.

‘Ilm-un Nahw – Definition and Purpose

The studying of the Arabic language and grammar is known as ‘Ilm-un Nahw and the Arabic language is perfected and completed when it is combined with ‘Ilm-us Sarf.

The objective of this knowledge is so that an individual is able to connect words in the Arabic language to construct and form sentences. Additionally, its knowledge will aid the student to refrain from grammatical mistakes and give awareness of the <<Harkaat>> that will be placed on final letter of each word.


  1. Until the first lesson has not been understood the student should not attempt to progress into the second lesson as doing so will only increase weakness in one’s foundation.

  2. To master each lesson, the student should place emphasis on the exercises included within the lessons as well as additional exercises which should be obtained from the teacher. Practicing one’s knowledge enforces it within one’s mind.

  3. When one does not completely understand a point made within the lesson, it is vital that the student asks and removes any doubts. Doing this will increase one’s knowledge and strengthen one’s foundation. A student should never be shy from asking as this is a great barrier in seeking and increasing knowledge.

Insha-Allah, the following post will contain technical terms and a definition terminology that will be used throughout the book. By familiarising one’s self with these terminologies will make it easier to understand the Kitaab.