Arbi Ka Muallim 1

Over the years, much emphasis has been placed on learning and understanding the Arabic language, or at least its basics. This emphasis has created an awareness within Arabic Language students and non-students alike, who have built the passion, desire and eagerness to understand the language to a certain degree.

I have come across many people who have shown a desire and also asked me to introduce the Arabic language to them so that they are able to understand simple sentences and mainly are able to understand the verses of the Qur’an which are frequently recited in Salaah.

Therefore, taking into consideration this desire as well as aiding the students to refresh what they have learnt in Arabic grammar, I will be posting an English version of the book “Arbi Ka Mu’allim” which I have written whilst teaching the book to Darul Uloom students.

I have personally found this book very beneficial as throughout the five volumes it has covered Arabic grammar (and etymology) in depth and allows the reader to experience translating, understanding and constructing Arabic sentences using the knowledge they gain in each lesson.

Insha Allah, these lessons will be posted whilst support will also be given to those readers who require additional help or further explanation on any lesson.

Although extensive effort will be made to make these lessons free of any error it is human nature to err and I pray to Allah to aid me in this work and to forgive any shortcomings and whilst accepting this effort makes it a means of salvation for me and for those who seek this knowledge for His pleasure.