During the ‘Alim course there were numerous occasions when my teacher, Maulana Imran Sahib, would take time out to advice us and guide us in an attempt to make us better people.

On one occasion, I can recall him stating the importance of realising that Allah is Omnipresent. He stated that when one establishes this realisation then he would automatically stop or decrease sinning and would also be extra cautious in pleasing Allah.

However, many people tend to forget or overlook the fact that Allah is aware of all that we do and then after forgetting this we also overlook the fact that His wrath is severe and the favours He has done upon as uncountable.

Therefore, my respected teacher, Maulana Imran Sahib, gave us a short supplication to make every night before sleeping. A supplication that should be recited at least three times before sleeping and during the day.

With the recitation of this supplication, Insha Allah, we will be constantly reminded of Allah’s quality of Omnipresence as well as supplicating to Him to remain in our thoughts at all times.

Following is the supplication:

اَللهُ حَاضِرِيْ – اَللهُ نَاظِرِيْ – اَللهُ مَعِيْ

“Allah is present with me – Allah is watching me – Allah is with me”

May Allah Ta’ala always be on our minds throughout the day so that we can aim to please Him alone. Aameen.