Maulana Imran Sahib is my teacher in many subjects. He has taught me subjects which relate to the Alim course as well as subjects which relate to wordly affairs as well as general Islamic knowledge that was relevant in the outside world. His wisdom and knowledge gave me a firm understanding of practical knowledge as opposed to theoretical knowledge obtained from books.He is the son of my Shaykh, Hadhrat Maulana Adam Sahib and has many of the qualities of his respected father. His dedication and enthusiasm was the means of the commencement of the Alim course. He dedicated his entire time to teaching in the initial years of Alim course and was the only teacher at the time. Therefore, he has taught me the majority of the first year and second year syllabus of the Alim course. He has also taught me Tarjumatul Qur’an, Riyadhus Saliheen and Sunan Nasaai.

He overlooks the smooth running and administration of the Darul Uloom as well as the Maktab and plays an active part in many other projects. His talks are held in the Masjid on a weekly basis from which some are quoted and referred to on the ‘my respected teacher’ blog.

After my Shaykh, who enrolled me into Madrassah after leaving, I am most indebted to my respected teacher, Maulana Imran Sahib. From the moment I enrolled in Alim class he has supported me and advised me throughout the course. His merciful and loving nature was the reason that I was able to complete the course and his attention and moral support prevented me from leaving many a times.

From the moment I enrolled in the course till date, he has been my guide in all aspects of life and my library of knowledge. His piety and humbleness only elevate him in my eyes and he sees everyone as an equal.

His company has taught me many lessons and his friendly nature has drawn me closer to him day by day. He is my teacher who has stood by me and aided me all that I have chosen to do. His care and love opened doors for me that I could have never achieved and through his blessings and supervision I was given opportunities to lead prayers as well as give talks and lectures in places I could not imagine.

In brief, all I am today is due to his dedication, watchfulness, concern and wonderful nature.

May Allah bless him and grant him Jannatul Firdaus. May he increase him in knowledge and all aspects. I pray to Allah that he keeps me under the guidance of my respected teacher for eternity and that his shadow and blessings remain over me for eternal. Aameen.