Recently, the weather in Leicester and also Birmingham has been quite unsettled; where at one moment it has been sunshine and warm and the next moment it is cold and snowing.

Due to this continuous change of weather, my eye has been frequently drifting towards a thermometer hanging over my daughter’s cot to ensure that the room temperature is at a suitable level for her.

I am aware that we are all aware of the use of a thermometer and that we have used it at some point or another, but we often tend to forget that it is amazing piece of equipment.

The temperature in my room is kept between a certain amount which is regarded suitable for a child. I take necessary precautions to ensure that the temperature does not rise to a high level by controlling the heating in the room and I also ensure that it does not drop too low due to ventilation.


Not so long back, I read a post which quoted one of my greatest teachers, Shaykh Imran ibn Adam, advising an individual to use a ‘love thermometer’ to observe the progress of our love with Allah Ta’ala.

This point holds great importance to a person who relies and constantly checks a thermometer. We should be constantly monitoring our love with Allah Ta’ala through the thermometer of our body, the heart. The heart plays a great role in a believer’s life as it monitors our connection with Allah and the degree of our love for Him and His Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم.

May Allah Ta’ala give us the realisation of the necessity to monitor our love for Him just as we monitor the temperature from time to time. May He incline our hearts to increase our love for Him in such a manner that His love exceeds the love of anything besides Him and that which He has commanded us to love. Aameen.