My teacher for Qur’an Tafseer was Maulana Anwar Narma Sahib. He taught be Jalaalayn and also Sunan Ibn Majah in my final years of the ‘Alim course.There is not much that can be written in his biography as he is a down to earth and humble person and a hidden pearl. His knowledge is vast and his piety even greater. A scholar that is easily approachable and very warm and welcoming.He also teaches at another Darul Uloom and has, over the years, given me insight to many current issues as well as advices that have helped me after graduating from the ‘Alim course.

His episodes and incidents have always inspired us as well as taught us lessons in life and in Islam. He is a scholar who is contact and in the company of the great Ulamaa and saints of today.

His lessons have always been inspiring and his teaching methods have left me with knowledge that is not only available in my books but instilled within our hearts.

May Allah elevate his rank and grant him peace and tranquillity in both the worlds. May his guidance and shadow be a part of my life forever. Aameen.