Whilst I was looking through some of my notes, I came across the notes for my first lesson with Maulana Anwar NarmaSahib for the lesson of Jalaalayn.He gave us a few advices regarding knowledge and its importance which I would like to share:1. If you give and dedicate yourself completely to knowledge only then will knowledge give you a little of itself.

2. Knowledge is a great blessing and gift of Allah which is given to only those whom Allah chooses.

3. Knowledge angers Shaytaan and makes his work of deceiving us more difficult.

4. It is such a blessing that all the living creatures on the earth, in the sky or in the sea make supplication for its seeker.Even the angels spread their wings for the seeker of knowledge.

5. Hadhrat Paalanpuri رحمه الله states that students of knowledge resemble the angels as they are constantly in their group; and the effects of being in such a group become apparent.

6. When a person seeks knowledge a fragrance emits from him which draws the angels closer to him; and when a person sins a smell is emitted which distances the angels.

7. Furthermore, he mentioned some advices for students seeking knowledge:

اخلاص نية – Sincere Intention.

It is essential for a student of knowledge to make the correct intention and to ask himself why he is seeking this knowledge; the reason should be none other than to gain the closeness of Allah.

ادب و احترام – Respect and Manners.

The student should of knowledge should feel happiness and joy in seeking knowledge as well as experience a connection and dedication. At the same time optimum respect and manners should be exercised; one should always remain in the state of purity (Wudhu) at all times.

It should be remembered با عدب با نصيب بے عدب بے نصيب – A person with respect will be successful and a person without respect will be unsuccessful. Hadhrat Abdul Qadir Jilani once came running out from the toilet due to finding a spot of ink on his finger. Imam Shafi’ee رحمه الله would turn the pages of his book so slowly so that his teacher would not be discomforted with the noise.

ترك گناه – Refraining from sins.

A student should always refrain from sinning. Imam Shafi’ee once complained to his teacher regarding his bad memory. In return his teacher advised him to refrain from sinning as sins are a darkness and cannot coincide with the Nur (divine light) of knowledge. It is also narrated that sinning results to a dark spot of dirt being placed on the heart, the result if which is that knowledge cannot be absorbed.

شكر – Being Thankful.

One should always be thankful for being chosen for the knowledge of Islam and being a student. Thankfulness increases the mercy and blessings of Allah whilst carelessness and ungratefulness could result to this blessing being taken away.

عمل – Actions.

It is essential that the student acts upon the knowledge he has acquired; for knowledge which not acted upon is in reality a source of Allah’s anger and disappointment. Acting on knowledge also ensures the student will remember this knowledge.

زيل اور طلب – Craving and Desire for Knowledge.

A student should have a craving and desire for knowledge and should question regarding those things which he does not understand. There should be a zeal which makes the student search deeper into the knowledge acquired.

May Allah give us all the inclination and zeal to seek knowledge in the correct and advised manner. Aameen.