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One of the many lessons taught to me by Hadhrat is the importance of time. On several occasions he would tell us that the saying “Time is gold” is totally incorrect. This saying gives time a value and furthermore gives a feeling that this value fluctuates regularly or that it can be gained once lost. However, this is not true in the case of time, for its value increases with every second that passes and every moment lost in one’s life cannot never be acquired once again.

On occasions, Hadhrat would send us out of the classroom to call someone or send a necessary message to someone. However, we the remaining of the class would see how uneasy Hadhrat would feel on these occasions and would become restless. So much so, that in every few moments he would call out the person he sent so that he could continue his lesson.

At that moment, I had not realised why he would become so restless, especially after having himself sent out someone to do something. But along with time and his company, I have come to realise and understand that Hadhrat had the value of time and realised its true price tag.

May Allah bless him for his words of wisdom and deep insight. May Allah grant him a long and healthy life and allow us to continue to benefit from him and his words of wisdom. Aameen.