The challenges of living as a Muslim have been faced by people of every time who had chosed the path of Islam; be it the people of Nuh عليه السلام, the people of Musa عليه السلام or the followers of our beloved Prophet صلي الله عليه و سلم.

There was a time when the people were litterally slaughtered for choosing the path of Islam, now the time has come where an individual, though not being slaughtered, faces the challenges of being a Muslim in todays world and society.

Each nation had a reason to reject Islam and oppose its followers, the nation of our beloved Prophet صلي الله عليه و سلم is no different. During the time of our messenger صلي الله عليه و سلم there were people who knew and understood that Islam was the correct and true religion, they had no doubts in its perfection and completeness; yet they were adamant to oppose this religion due to thei ‘status’ and false pride.

Challenges of Muslims today are various, either relating to their area and society; their friends; their culture and background; or even their personal interests and hobbies.

Islam, being a complete way of life, is present in every individual act of Muslims. Therefore, it is obvious that through the daily duties and activities of one’s life, Islam will play a major role. However, it is also essential to realise, that whilst Islam will be present in the challenges a Muslim faces in today’s life, it will also be the answer to the challenges that one faces in every area and dilemma throughout every area and aspect of life, regardless of race, background, social status, personal opinions etc.

This is the main theme of talk that will take place this Sunday!!

Be at the right place… The right location… At the right time…

Maybe you’ll be able to plan a new year’s resolution according to the Islamic point of view.

Challenges of Living as Muslimss