After Eisha Salaah the day felt really incomplete without the Taraweeh prayer. As I headed home I was thinking about the month of Ramadhan, its purpose and the way in which It just came and went.

The month of Ramadhan is a devotion and dedication to Allah for which we are giving the day of Eid in return. We celebrate on the day of Eid because during the month of Ramadhan we are to have attained a rank higher, blessings and self-control that we never possessed before.

For those who were sinful they were granted forgiveness and guidance; for those that had few sins or were on the correct path they were granted rank and status.

The month of Ramadhan just reminded me of a training ground; a person enters the ground and trains for a month after which he leaves. Generally this ‘graduation’ day is celebrated with family and friends and thereafter we are sent into the real field.


The month of Ramadhan is like a training ground for us all; a month which teaches us self control, discipline, devotion and worship. It is followed by a day of celebration which is known to us as Eid. Eid is our graduation from this blessed month and this graduation only indicates that now the real work is to begin.

Whatever we learnt and done in the month of Ramadhan will now be reflected from what we do in the remaining months. We will prove whether we were worthy or graduation from this training camp or did we let ourselves down.

The month of Ramadhan was a month where we worked upon ourselves… Now arrives the months within which we have to maintain that work and show what we learnt in the blessed month of Ramadhan.

May Allah make this day of graduation filled with happiness and blessings. May He make us worthy of this graduation and aid us in the path we are to take. May He guide us and prove our training to be at least successful if not complete. Aameen.

Eid Mubarak