Whilst sitting in my room one night, I was totally aware that the following day would hold a great challenge; a day that would require me to exercise every ounce of patience I had. I knew the baby-sitting my nephew and niece was not going to be an easy task… not by far.

Well, to be honest, they’re a pair of good kids, but they’re kids. So I was preparing myself mentally and headed off to sleep to prepare physically also.The day came and the day went; and to be able to write up the activities of that day I would need your attention for a couple of hours. So to skip to the point…

Two packets of crisps, two children but only blanket is the perfect ingredient for trouble. Kids, although loving, caring and sharing, can sometimes decide that they want something totally to themselves and that they want ‘that particular one’.

Not before long there was a tug of war on the blanket and the rivalry to get the blanket had disappeared replacing it with a fun activity of seeing who was stronger and would win this tug of war.

Muhammad, being the elder had no advantage at all as his physique left him pull with all his might; whilst on the opposite side, Aisha, although younger and stronger also didn’t have the advantage because she was too busy giggling and laughing instead of pulling… In the end I had to call it quits before someone gave up and one of them went ‘flying’.


We sometimes fail to realise that life is a big ‘tug-of-war’ where we have oppositions and teams at many modes of life. At times we will find people who will willingly join our team and give us strength and an advantage over the opposition and at times we will meet people that would rather give join our opposition and then we have to put on a stronger fight and greater effort, if not to win, then at least to stay in the game.

In life, we have one team of goodness and one of badness; these teams stand either side and tug against each other hoping to pull the opposing team into their territory and by doing so win the ‘game’.

In our life, on one side we have those who will aid us into getting closer to Allah by helping us pull at this ‘rope of worship’ and at the same time we will find people that will oppose us and try and weaken us in achieving this.

However, in life, we also find people that appear to be on our team yet they make no effort in helping us, and at times their actions help the opposing team. These people appear to be our friends but in reality hold interests for the opposing team.

In this month of Ramadhan we have been given support by Allah Himself, who has taken the strongest of the opposing team , Shayaateen, and locked them behind bars. However, we still have to keep tugging and pulling and not become distracted, who we have people who seem to be on our side that actually aid the opposing team, this is our Nafs, Self Desire.

O Allah, give us strength so that we come out as the winners, give us courage that we never lose hope when the opposition seems strong. O Allah, save us from those people who appear to be friends but distract us from your path and in doing so aid the enemy. O Allah, save us from our desires and give us the zeal to walk the path you have chosen for us, the path that leads to you. Aameen.