Alhumdulillah the month of Ramadhan has dawned upon us once again. I wish all the readers of my blog Ramadhan Mubarak. I pray to Allah that He gives us strength in this month to worship Him with our utmost ability and strength. May He give us the knowledge and understanding to complete this month in the manner shown by our Beloved Prophet صلي الله عليه و سلم and ordered by Allah Ta’ala.Insha Allah the Ramadhan posts will continue through the month of Ramadhan. First I will post a few essential rulings that will ensure that our fasts are valid and not rendered broken in accordance to the Shari’ah. Thereafter, I will continue in the month of Ramadhan with posts that entail Du’as and supplications that one can use in the month of Ramadhan as well as a post on Laylatul Qadr (The Night of Power).

I once again supplicate to Allah that He does not deprive us in this month of His mercy and forgiveness and that He grants us Freedom from the Hell Fire.

Insha Allah I will be remembering all of you in my Du’as and I humbly request that you all remember me in your Du’as also. Finally, please do forgive me for all the discrepancies I may have had and if I have caused any pain to anyone.