My day began as any other day… I continued doing my duties for Madrassah and for work. However, during midday I received a package, very nicely packed I must admit, sitting on my desk.

I was expecting a package, but I had no knowledge of what was inside (and no idea that it would be so delicately packaged).

I sat there, with a big grin I must admit, and started to tear open the package. When I finally got to what was inside, after removing all the measures taken to protect the item, I got to what was ‘mine’.

It’s always good to share, but the hand-made frame that was inside totally belongs to me. And I thought I would take this opportunity to thank the person who went to such effort to make something so beautiful for me.

I pray to Allah the He removes all calamities from your path and the path of those who are associated with you. I pray that He keeps you and you family safe from all harm and sadness. May He fill you life with happiness and make you successful in all that you choose to do. Finally, I pray that makes you smile through each day and give you the inclination and will power to get closer to Him and win His favours. May He grant you Jannatul Firdaus. Aameen.


Point 1

The religion of Islam is such that Allah teaches us to be thankful towards Him and furthermore He tells us through our beloved messenger صلي الله عليه و سلم that we should also be thankful towards the people.

من لم يشكر الناس لم يشكر الله
[Sunan Tirmidhi]

“He who is not thankful towards the people
is not thankful towards Allah”

Therefore, it is vital for us to thank Allah by also thanking the people.

Point 2

The gift was really precious to both me and my friend who sent it; this was evident from the packing. It took me nearly five minutes to take out the frame from the packing.

The packing was the evidence of the value of what was inside. Similarly, Allah Ta’ala has value for the heart of a believer and has given it the best of packing; the human body.

Allah Ta’ala’s gift to man is the heart within his chest. This gift has been wrapped by Allah and given it and it is obvious that we are expected to take care of it.

It we destroy a gift through negligence or due to lack of appreciation then surely the person who gives us a gift will feel that we don’t ‘deserve’ any more gifts from him or will not make an effort to send us any gifts.

However, Allah is merciful and we may see that He again sends us more gifts in life. However, we have to realise that this may be through His mercy and as the Lord and not as a friend and beloved. However, this gift gives us an opportunity once again to gain the favours of Allah.

May Allah give us all the inclination to show gratitude towards all of His gifts. May He give us the understanding to be thankful towards people in order to show our appreciation towards Him. Aameen.