Summer is here (finally) and everything seems to be bright and ‘alive’. It is one that time of the year where people like to be outside or make the most of the sunshine in whatever way they can, be it decorating, day trips, family outings or other activities. And most of all it seems as though the wedding season has begun.

During the weekend I was traveling to a wedding which took place in Bradford. I thought it was going to be a short drive but I was totally wrong about that. Nevertheless, the drive was good because of the weather and obviously the surrounding greenery and scenery.

Whilst driving on the M1 North I came across many things which I don’t usually see on the M1 South (my usual motorway route). But the most meaningful thing that I saw on the motorway was the Nuclear Power Stations. It’s an amazing site. Big ‘chimney-pot-like, pillars with smoke coming out from within; showing its power, might and strength. The big pillar just took my attention off the road and other surrounding things. It made me realise that these were the things that provide us with our energy sources… Electricity.


When I saw these power stations I straight away imagined a doctor, a spiritual doctor. Someone who has that spiritual energy and distributes it as far and wide as he can. I realised that although we look at these strong pillars we fail to sometimes realise their value and need in the community and how they provide us with the energy that we rely on yet take for granted.

Our Shuyookh (Scholars & Spiritual Doctors) are our Power Stations. They are the ones that provide us with this energy; it is they that give us what we take for granted. Just as they power stations are constant in providing energy, we too need to realise that we need to receive constant spirituality and guidance from our scholars and Shuyookh.

May Allah give us all the inclination to realise the need of constant energy that takes us to his path and allows us to constantly produce acts of obedience for His happiness. Aameen