In a world where Islam is a continuously growing religion, it is inevitable that we will hear questions regarding Islam and its believers.

When Islam is classed as the fastest growing religion, it leaves no doubt in our minds that people will question its ethics, morals, leaders and beliefs.

When Islam is continuously misportrayed, be it by those who claim to be ’believers’, media, government or anyone else, it is to no amazement that Muslims will remain in the limelight and under constant scrutiny and surveillance.

So in a time like this, where questions are being raised, is it not vital that we, being those who are questioned, provide sufficient and correct answers?

When faced with questions and even discrimination should we become sour and react or should we ponder and realise that we, as individuals, have not done our duty to spread the true image of Islam?

Insha Allah in effort to address this ‘problem’ and situation and give us all an opportunity to express ourselves and portray the true religion I will write a few posts concerning the above matters. Insha Allah the posts will include:

  1. What is Islam?
  2. Who is Muhammad صلي الله عليه و سلم?
  3. Who are Muslims and what do we believe in?
  4. The other view…

And Insha Allah more topics as I think of them.

I pray to Allah that He gives me the ability to spread His word as He pleases and that He gives me the chance to spread the word correctly. I pray to Him that He saves me from that which is incorrect and that He forgives any mistakes and errors. Aameen.