This blog was originally published so that we gain some knowledge about our Religion, Islam. Although there are many blogs and websites out there that have been created for the same purpose, I felt that individuals needed more ‘simple’ material from which they could gain knowledge. In an effort to achieve this I created this blog so that people could come here and learn basic, yet essential, knowledge of Islam.This blog has been of great benefit for me from the moment I published it; it made me look into books and also helped me prepare for many talks. Most of all, it increased my knowledge and allowed me to re-open all of those books which I have in collection. Most of all, it aided me in realising how important it is to keep on ‘brushing up’ on the knowledge we have so that we always have it at hand when needed.

This blog, being strictly for the knowledge of Islam, through the Qur’an and Sunnah has had many positive responses. However, I felt that it is also important, specially in today’s society, to keep a sound knowledge of those things that take place around us and in the wider world. Thus, in order to achieve this, I have created another blog named as News & Views.

This blog aims to bring ‘News’ to the readers and will be followed by a short ‘view’ and then if applicable, I will present Qur’anic verses and Prophetic Narrations (Ahadeeth) that are relevant to the news. It also allows everyone to put their views forward.

I pray to Allah that He accepts the efforts of this new blog and that through it I am able to achieve the many objectives I have in mind. May He make it a source of forgiveness and also a means of salvation. Aameen.