As time moves on technology becomes more advance. If we were to look ten years back we will see that many of the luxuries that we have today were not available to us ten years ago. The phone industry is one such industry that has been providing us with remarkable improvements in technology.

I can remember a time where to answer a call we had to stand in corner of the living room and we had no privacy because we were limited to “corded phones”. As techonology improved we were able to carry the phone around in the house due to the new “cordless phones”. It has now come to a stage where we can make a call from just about anywhere. We carry our own personal little phones in our pockets and have the facility to call whenever we want and wherever we want.

So, without a doubt, it’s a thumbs-up to technology and in particular the mobile industry.

Despite this, there are times with every system where they suffer some sort of technical problems. One which everyone will be aware of is “Network Busy”.

Our network connection is dependent on our mobile service provider. The larger the compnay, or the more coverage the company has, the greater possibility of our calls being connected.

Today I used a friends phone to make a call as I didn’t have my mobile with me. The call was quite important and therefore I was disappointed when he returned to tell me that the only response he had was “network busy”.


The most important and worthiwhile connection we can ever have or think of is the connection we have with Allah Ta’ala. It is this connection that tries to establish itself many a times in a day; yet, due to our ignorance we fail to see this happening and continue with our lifestyles without a connection.

Each time the Adhaan (call to prayer) is said it is a connection that Allah is calling us towards; a reminder from Allah saying that come towards me and establish that link. But how many times do we cut off that connection and pay no notice?

Each time our parents give us an order to do something it is an that tries to connect us with Allah; a reminder from Him telling us that we are expected to obey our parents and treat them with love and respect. Despite this, how many times have we been disobedient to our parents and put them second only to place our desires first?

How many times have we had that regret when our connection was lost? How many times did we feel remorse when we returned Allah’s call with a reply of “network busy”?

May Allah give us the inclination of creating a link and connection with Him. And may He also give us the feeling of regret and the understanding to establish a connection with Him. Aameen.