For the past two Fridays I have been travelling to Rugby town to lead the Jumu’ah prayers. It is about an hours drive from home and the roads are through the countryside and it is a beautiful drive.

This Friday, on my way back home, I was going through a town where I saw this really run-down, battered and abandoned van. My eyes took in as much as they could whilst the car was on the move, and from what I saw it was obvious that the car had been looked after well but it had just past its time and had been either abandoned or left parked without much use.

This got me wondering… We take so much care over our cars and vehicles and then at the end of the day we have to abandon them because it is of no use.

Sometimes, the care out does us and it is us that leaves the world before the car reaches a point of being rendered outworn.


In our lives we pay so much attention to our bodies, we wake up each morning and spend hours on adorning ourselves. The world goes to so much effort in order to create “anti-wrinkle” creams and similar creams. Though there is nothing wrong with ‘looking’ after one’s body, have we ever thought about how much attention we pay to our souls?

The soul is the real gift and everlasting item whilst the body is just the container. The example is simple, the soul is like the perfume inside a bottle; not matter how beautiful the bottle is, the reality is what is inside the bottle.

The human body is just a case for this precious item within, it will one day corrode and have no purpose for Allah will give every soul a new body in the hereafter.

May Allah give us the inclination to pay more attention to our souls than to our temporary body. Aameen