Firstly I would like to thank Brother Adam for making such an effort to make me realise how important this blog was to all the readers. May Allah bless him and give him a high abode in Jannah.

In every aspect of life there is a lesson to learn. Many times, we make choices in life that affect more than just our lives, and it is those choices that we should make with great consideration.

Life is tiring and sometimes it becomes a burden. This burden can be felt in many of the activities that we do, whether they are totally connected to worldly gain or whether they are totally connected to our Deen and spiritual upbringing.

These are the repetitive activities that tires one out, and many a times makes the person leave the act which he was doing day after day.

This could be something that I went through in the last week…


Many a times we see people who are committed to their religion and their beliefs; they worship Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala with commitment. But then, a time comes upon them, where they feel, for what ever reason it be, that they have to diverse from this path or that another path is better for them.

It is after the person leaves the path of Allah that he can feel the emptiness, the lack of spiritualism; it is then that he realises what he left and what he is missing out on. This feeling is something which one should welcome and make every effort to work upon this feeling, for very few people, despite having this feeling, are able to return to the path of Allah.

The reason is simple; Shaytaan makes the path that one treads on beautiful and so addictive that one is unable to return to the path of Allah. May Allah save us all from leaving His path, and if His will is that we should trip whilst being on His path, then I pray to Him that He always returns us to His path alone and to give us death in the state that He is happy with us. Aameen.