It feels awkward to writing on a blog that has always been an inspiration to me. I have always read these posts even during the times I was not so well. I read this blog so many times that I actually took it for granted.

One thing that I learnt from Maulana Zain is that we should never take anything to granted, not even the next breath we plan to take. Despite this teaching I couldn’t help but hope that this blog would always be here as a guide in a manner which not many sites offer.

I’ve been making an effort to change the mind of Maulana Zain and I hope that the requests and comments from people do help. I would appreciate it if all the readers of this blog or any of his other blogs would comment and show him how much need we have for this blog. I don’t know about everyone else, but I sure could do with the guidance I’ve received from this blog.

Jazakallah for your time.