Life has been really hectic and busy for the last few weeks and it has been difficult to post on this blog, or any other blog for that matter.While I was out for a drive one day I came across a billboard with the words “most people fall in love within 4.7 seconds”

That’s the only thing that I managed to catch hold of and the fact that it was an advertisement for a Jaguar car. Nevertheless, the message behind that board was far more than meets the normal eye… it is a message for us to ponder.

Isn’t it true how we can totally fall in love with something that has just been sighted by our eyes…

I know for sure that I’ve walked into a car showroom and fell in love with a car within a minute; I’m sure that this works for many people, falling in love with a dress in the shop window, some jewellery, a house, a computer, or whatever a person is into. It’s not even strange to see people falling in love with animals.

Seeing that advert made me ponder about the meaning and the word “love”. It made me think that this is such a strong word and its usage is mostly with meaningless things.

Then it occurred to me that a meaningless thing becomes precious as soon as you apply “love” in the equation.

So where does that leave us with ‘Love’?


If a man can fall in love with a car within 4.7 seconds and a girl with probably a dress (or a Barbie doll – I have no idea), then surely we should think about how we are not applying this love correctly in each part of our life.

Love is a great thing if done in moderation and applied in the right places, but it can be a very harmful and bad thing when it is used in the wrong places and more than need be.

We need to have love for money and material, but this should be very minimal. It should be enough to see us through our days and not leave us begging; yet it should not be so much that it makes us blind from everything else.

We need to have love for our partners and children so that we can fulfil their rights and have a peaceful life; yet it should not exceed the love we have for Allah, His Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم and His religion.

We should have love for Allah so that we can be successful in both this life and the Hereafter; yet we fail to realise that this love should have no limits but it is the love that sometimes has no beginning.

We are so busy in loving all these futile things that will perish one day that we have forgotten to love that which is beneficial and eternal.

The harm is still not done… do we change or do we continue to be drowned in what Shaytaan has shown us to be “love”… the decision is ours, will we recognise true love.

Surely we have had more than 4.7 seconds and over a thousand reasons to love Allah… Should we not ponder as to what or who is stopping us from loving Allah and is encouraging us to love futile objects?