I wake up each day, following the same routine in a zombie like manner. Each day is followed by the same activities that I would expect everyday to hold for me. I get dressed, head to the office, carry out my work there (which varies, but only slightly), followed by a short session of teaching at the Madrassah. Thereafter, back to the office and then lunch (sometimes) and, yes, believe it or not, back to the office. Followed by another session at Madrassah and then back home for Dinner (if I feel like it). Thereafter, some time spent with family and back to bed.

That was my normal routine fitted into one paragraph. Not much changes in that (apart from my unpredictable emotions).

It occurred to me that within all those activities, there hasn’t been something that ‘startled’ me and made me think of Allah Ta’ala and His creation or doings (like the previous post). I then felt a wave of remorse… Am I forgetting Allah?

But now that I look back, I realise, that my actual pattern for a week is the doing of Allah.


I wake up each morning – Allah has returned to me my soul, He has given me life once again after this small death. I could class it as another chance to free my soul from the fire of hell… Do we let this chance go day after day? Or do we make the most of this opportunity that thousands of people don’t receive after they lay to sleep?

My daily routine is a mercy from Allah, His kindness and His affection. Man is not accustomed to surprises and shocks. Therefore, surprises arouse extreme forms of feelings, either they make him extremely happy or extremely sad. Our day to day activities are so normal that Allah is saving us from extreme sadness, He saves us from the worry of what will happen next and what we should do next…

If only we could live a day of the lives of those people who do not even know what situation is going to befall them the next minute, let alone the next day. The families of those people who are severely ill; the people who themselves are drowned in a see of illness; those children who have grass as their daily meal, not knowing what will be next on the menu… Shouldn’t we thank Allah that our lives are so systematic that we are saved from a million worries a day? Should we not stop complaining about the few worries that befall us and divert our attention towards the millions we are saved from?

May Allah give us all the correct understanding and wisdom to see His signs in our day to day activities. Aameen