As Salaamu Alaykum,

By the grace of Allah, i have returned safely from what i would call a very long and tiring journey. A journey that not only took me away from my sorrows and worries for a month, but opened my eyes to the sorrows and suffering of others.

Sometimes, we’re so deep within our own little world that we fail to see all that is happening around us. We fail to see the tears of a orphan child, the burden of a widowed women and the worries of a helpless father.

and sometimes we’re so trapped inside our world of confort and pleasure that we fail to realise that we have been given that which thousands of others have been deprived of.

So, what is it that we have done to deserve this? and what are we doing to show our appreciation for what Allah has bestowed us with?

It is only rational to let each individual judge for themselves… Are we grateful to Allah for the shelter he provides us day after day? Are we grateful for the food that we have on our table three times a day? Have we ever spread our hands in front of Allah and thanked Him for His favours?

It may seem that we have all that we have, and that whatever we have will remain with us for some time. But reality is different. If Allah wanted we could awake with nothing, nothing at all. Our house, family, wealth and even our health could be gone over night.

Allah states; “Woe be to mankind, how ungrateful he is!” and in another place Allah asks “Has a time not passed man when he was a thing not worth mentioning”.

This shows the reality of mankind, we were nothing and no one. Then Allah with His infinate mercy gave us life, Imaan (faith) and all that we have.

So may Allah give us the ability to appreciate what we have and constantly thank Allah so that He may increase us in the bounties we have.

So next time we have something to moan about, let us think of those people who are less fortunate than us, and instead of complaing, let us thank Allah and make Dua for those less fortunate.

May Allah give me the Taufique first to practice upon that which I have learnt. Aameen.