Just a thought that hit my head which i would like to share… I’m sure many people have thought the same thing, but this is another wake up call to remind us of reality.

Well, my mum has fractured her ankle and is unable to do the daily chores that she would normally do.

So anyways, the house needed a little cleaning up, nothing unusual. But recently, i’ve been having nose bleeds and have been feeling really weak. So this made it a little difficult for me to do all the rooms… When i managed to somehow complete the rooms i was totally shattered.

But thenm, while i was lying down, a thought went through my head… how many of us really take things for granted, specially our parents.

We expect them to be there and do the daily chores, not considering the pain or suffering they may be going internally… We wake up in the morning and expect to find the food ready, we expect our things to be there for us, everything in it’s place and the house neat and tidy…

But have we ever truly appreciated our parents? I wish we could all say yes without that pause…

This is one of the few reasons why the Qur’an tells us not to even utter the word “uff” to our parents… This is one of the few reasons why the Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam said that we can never fulfil the parent’s right upon us even if we lifted them on our heads to perform their Hajj….

So may Allah grant us the wisdom to understand the right’s of our parents… and give us the ability to be grateful for all the things they do for us.