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When the new year starts we see people posting about their new year resolutions; positive changes they wish to bring into their lives. Similarly, we have an even called ‘spring cleaning’ which people use as an opportunity to clean out their houses, rooms or office from things which are no longer fit for purpose or required. In the same manner, we see people adopting a cleanse or detox for the purpose of ‘resetting’ their body and removing all the toxins from one’s body.

All these actions have the same concept, aim and ideology in mind, the removing of negative, harmful or undesirable things which are probably holding us back in some way or another

Recently, I also decided to do a declutter, but not of any of the ones I mentioned above. My computer had slowed down considerably and my laptop was bringing up notifications relating to the amount of storage I had remaining.

So, taking out some time, I done some clearing out of files that I no longer required or files that I had multiple versions or backups of

As techies know, defragging, removing junk files and running certain checks on PCs is essential and should be done on a regular basis. Negligence of this results to a slow, clogged PC which can become very unresponsive or troublesome.


In life, we can also take spiritual lessons from things which happen to us and around us. There is always a lesson to learn which will make us better in our submission to Allah سبحانه و تعالى.

Just as the maintenance of our materialistic items and our body is necessary in the same manner the decluttering and upkeep and maintenance of our spiritual ‘body’ is also of utmost importance.

Regarding our PC we make every effort to ensure that we take precautions; an anti-virus is installed, supported by a firewall and then regular clean-up and defragging software is also scheduled. Despite this we also do a manual check on our PCs.

We need to be more prepared in the protection of our spiritual body, we need to ensure that we have an anti-virus installed which protects us from the sins that attack us on a day to day basis; a firewall to protect us from the hacking done by Shaytan through his whispering and at the same time the company and guidance of the ‘Ulama which ensure our cleaning is on schedule and that we defrag our hearts by separating our worldly needs on one side and balancing it with our needs for the Hereafter

Only by doing so will we be able to ensure that our lives are running smoothly, free from difficulties and problems. We can then fulfil our needs of this world whilst not losing focus of our Hereafter in the process; it is then that we can remember that every action of ours in this world is not void of reward if done with the right intent; that our burden will be reduced considerably and we will feel a spiritual enlightenment, allowing us to make progress in everything we choose.

May Allah سبحانه و تعالى give us the inclination, strength and understanding to place focus on our inner beings so that we can achieve success in both worlds. Aameen.